I am often asked why I became a stone sculptor, and usually answer, because I was a bad painter.

Actually, I find the physical and creative challenges of a natural media like stone to be both exciting and fulfilling.

I view stone sculpting as an intimate process. Each new adventure in stone begins with an exploration of that stone’s unique qualities. With no preconceived idea for the finished piece in mind, I begin by rubbing my hands over the stone’s surface. It is only after I take hammer and chisel in hand and start to chip away, that I discover the stone’s secrets, develop an idea and decide how to proceed.

As I continue carving, each changing contour, the way the stone breaks when chiseled and the coloring and veining revealed, all contribute to the final form. This process is more intuitive than planned, which is reflected in the organic flow of the sculptures I create.

Inspiration for each sculpture also comes during the carving process, usually based on a small moment in life that rings true as I work. Little things like the curve of a tree branch or the posture of an anxious person, may catch my eye, take on special meaning and ultimately resurface in ways unique to the stone I am carving.

With the stone as my guide, a sculpture emerges.

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