Can you make a frog?

I am often asked, can you make a frog, or a dog, or a cat?  Well of course I can and in fact  I do commissions. However, I always explain that whatever I carve may not look exactly as you might expect,  since it will ultimately be my interpretation of the subject. That is not to say that it will not be recognizable. Some artists are very precise in their carvings, representing each subject as realistically as possible. However for me, when I am requested to carve a specific subject,  my interpretation will be determined by my feelings toward the subject and the stone I have chosen to use. I did a commission piece for the NC State Arboretum for which they requested a bowl with a fish motif. My finished piece “Fish Bowl” was carved from an irregular shaped  piece of field stone and has fish forms carved along the bowl rim,  though not specific species of fish.

stone I used

Raw field stone

in progress

in progress

completed fish bowl

Fish Bowl at NC Arboretum




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