Have no fear

Being a self-taught sculptor in stone has its advantages and drawbacks. In a real sense, it is empowering to jump right into something new without the fear of failure or daunting self expectation, but it is also sometimes frustrating to run into problems which probably could have been avoided with some instruction.

I have been  working on this piece for quite some time now, taking long breaks to evaluate the progress and  figure out the best way to proceed. I have spent a lot of time searching for information on carving techniques that might be useful as well as simply studying numerous faces. Some of the issues with this piece could have been bypassed altogether had I known to chose a different type of stone, one better suited for detailed carving and without the hard veining which often came out in unwieldy chunks  as I chiseled. Even though this is still a work in progress and still needs a lot of work, I consider the piece to be a success. I feel it captures that look of surprise that says, sometimes things take an unexpected turn. With both the upsweep of the hair and the minimal neck which seems to just fade away, the emphasis of the piece is focused on the face and that fleeting expression of uncertainty.

“Imagine Sena’s Surprise” carved in  steatite.     H 16″  x W 9″   x D 7



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