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Procrastination is a problem for some, but not for me. I usually am anxious to begin a new piece and jump right in. I start chiseling away the old form and letting the new shapes spur my imagination until I discover the direction my carving will take.

However, if during that discovery time, I am interrupted by life’s demands, I often find it very difficult to resume where I left off. The fragile idea that was taking shape eludes me and inertia sets in. I find I am unable to move forward to further define the piece or backward to recapture the essence that was propelling the carving. Instead, I just stand there staring, thinking, “Where was I going with this??”

Unable to proceed and unwilling to just cast aside the now vague idea that had inspired the work thus far, I just stop. The inertia created by the interruption keeps me from either abandoning the piece or moving on to a new one.

Eventually, I resign myself to the defeat and start a new stone, often leaving the one half-started to sit untouched or even looked at for a very long time. Procrastination…not a problem, but the inertia of a half-formed idea keeps me trapped in place, bringing my work to a frustrating halt.


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