Lurking in the mind’s eye

It is strange how everything I see and think about somehow makes an appearance in my art. A few days ago I started carving an oddly shaped piece of alabaster. I had no idea where the stone would take me. For the last few nights, like many other folks around here, I have spent a good amount of time gazing at the August “Super moon” and watching how the clouds shifted and changed shapes, bathed in that ethereal white light. It is no wonder the shapes emerging from that piece of alabaster have taken on a surreal sense of the night sky. I call it, “Night Sky Martinis”. The initial blocking out of the shapes is complete so next begins the refining of those shapes, to better reflect my evening  journeys into the night sky.

H 8" x W 16" x D 10"

H 8″ x W 16″ x D 10″

Created by Media Mafia | © 2014 Whispering Stone Artworks