Photos help you see

Photographing your artwork is an important part of being a visual artist these days. Between using photos for entering juried competitions and exhibitions, and posting on social media, photos promote your work. However in my case, photographing my work plays an even more important role, objectivity. As I work on a piece, I am constantly examining it from all angles. Yet it is still sometimes difficult to maintain a true sense of objectivity about what I see. Photos taken of the piece in-progress show all the small imperfections which I may have overlooked,  as well as the overall shapes. While  looking at an in-progress photo of Night Sky Martinis,  it became glaringly apparent that I needed to make an adjustment to the main shape.  I wanted the shape of the piece to make it feel like one side  was reaching out, but not  like the pointy finger I saw in the photo.  As I worked and evaluated the piece from all angles, I continually had overlooked the piece’s way too pointy reach. It took the photo to make me see.

Photo one shows the piece in progress with the way too pointy end and photo 2 shows the completed piece.

Night Sky MartinisNight Sky Martinis   labeled








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